Alternative Provision

ESS Education and Support Services alternative education provision provides an alternative to school programmes that engages with young people and gives them the skills, qualifications, and Post 16 pathways to enable them to be successful in the transition to the next part of their lives. Each provision is created with the ideology that young people need a range of skills to be successful in transitioning and if education has not been successful, we have the responsibility to provide this in a way that can be managed. ESS Education and Support Services provisions are bespoke to the young person’s needs, situation and needs for the future.

Intervention and Engagement:

This provision provides:

  • Mathematics and English Functional Skills at an appropriate Level

  • Employability qualifications and work ready skills

  • Work experience

  • Independent living skills

  • Mentoring and skills coaching

  • Positive communication

  • Wellbeing and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Skills and Support



Each provision can be provided in school, as an alternative mentoring service, online or in a local ESS Education and Support Services centre. The majority of young people access this support as a part of their education provision and it works alongside school on a part time basis.

Our behaviour and intervention staff have a wide range of experience in working with young people who need support and understanding. Relationship building is central to our re-engagement and SEMH work. All our staff are highly trained and DBS checked.

Included in these bespoke packages:

  • A range of activities

  • All meetings related to the student

  • Access to lunch arrangements


Our behaviour and intervention  packages run on a 6 week basis


1 hour (individual): £58

Half day (per week): £180

Full day (per week): £275

Weekly and termly costs are priced  individually

Additional Costs: 


Additional activities

Additional Qualifications


We understand that the needs of the young person and the organisation can be complex, however we endeavour to be flexible with the days and times provided.

Please contact ESS Education and Support Services with the needs and requirements of your young person and ESS Education and Support Services can provide a more accurate quote. 

* ESS Education and Support Services can subsidise some provisions, dependent on certain requirements, and in some circumstance access funding in support of provisions.