Community Hub

About Us

What is it?

The Community Hub is designed to help every member of the local community by providing. 
  •  a social gathering place to alleviate loneliness, and provide a safe space for service users. 
  •  To serve as a venue for multiple activities and workshops to benefit selected members of the community as needs are identified by the community.
  •  Mother and baby workshops to serve as an educational activity and social venture  
  • Arts & crafts for children and adults to serve as an educational activity and social venture.  
  • Parent, carer, guardian workshops that educate parent, carer, and guardians how to maintain their own mental health, the mental health of their young people, how to improve their own employability, literacy and numeracy skills and how to plan and cook healthy, nutritious meals, thus providing support for mental health, general wellbeing and helping to alleviate the need for food banks. 

Our Goals

All of the above is to help promote, and stabilise the general family situation, and improve a young person’s performance at school. 
 ESS will identify the needs of the community through the feedback from the service users, meetings with the community and council to ensure that a tailored approach is used ensuring that the community hub serves its purpose and meets the needs of the community.
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Our Volunteers

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